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homeopathic medicine list 2022 pdf

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Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopaths treat illness with very low dose concoctions given on the principle of “cure as with kind”. Practitioners choose a drug that, if administered to a healthy volunteer, would cause the patient’s symptoms. Consider, for example, homeopathic medicines. The common onion is the source of Allium cepa. Tears, stinging and discomfort around the eyes and nose, and clear runny nose are all common reactions to raw onions. Patients with hay fever can be given Allium cepa, especially if both the nose and eyes are affected.

Homeopathic remedies made from plants such as belladonna, arnica and chamomile; minerals such as mercury and sulfur; animal products such as sepia (squid ink) and lachesis (snake venom); and, more rarely, biochemical molecules such as histamine or human growth factor are also common. The cures are made by a series of dilutions and succussions (shaking vigorously). The more often this dilution and succussion process is repeated, the greater the “power” of the remedy.

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